Vintage sewing machine collection

Poster of Aussie Singers

Singer Sewing Book 1954

Wooden toy sewing machine

Three items I’ve recently added to my sewing machine collection.  The poster is on tin backing, a reproduction I’m sure, but I like it nonetheless.  The toy machine I couldn’t resist, and the wheel turns.  The Singer book is an instruction book for the early electric machines as on the cover, complete with its own table.  A well used book.

Most of the machines in my collection are Singers, but I have one that I cannot find any reference to anywhere.  It is a Steigers Textima (or Textima Steigers).  I’ve tried googling it, but can only find references to knitting machines or manufacturing businesses originating perhaps in Rumania or another eastern european country, but sewing machines do not rate any mention.  Does anyone have any information of this machine ?

Steigers machine

Back view

As you can see from the photos, it doesn’t have much decoration, it is very utilitarian to look at.  The name on the front is the only identifier, I can’t find any serial number.

I have another machine which also is a bit of a mystery.  The name on the front is New Premier with a serial number which could be a Singer number, but I have not found any reference to such a model in the Singer range.

New Premier machine with case


As you can see, it is a table model with a fold away handle, lots of very ornate gold leaf decorations, and the case is also very decorative.  Anyone with any ideas on this one?

Although some of my sewing machines are much younger, I am looking for ones made before WWI.  Some are in working order, but a few need a bit of work to be done on them …..

Along with how many other people, I would love to get my hands on a Singer Featherweight 221 or 222 sometime …








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