Moroccan evening and spring blossoms

Some of our flowering trees are blooming nicely despite the awful weather this spring.  Here is the graceful tamarisk/tamarix/tamariks (I never remember how to spell it).

Tamariks in bloom

And the little wisteria has twice as many blooms this year.

Wisteria 2011

And the birthday candle bush is spreading nicely, lots more candles this year.

Birthday candle bush

Saturday evening we visited friends for a moroccan evening.  Two of the four couples had been to Morocco this year, and we dressed up for the occasion.

All dressed up, a happy lot

Four wise men

And the food was great, brought back many memories.

Moroccan feast

Check out the authentic tajines which Ricki carried in her bag for the next ccouple of months so as not to have them break in the post.  Thank you Ricki for a great evening, great food, and lots of fun and laughter.


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