Natural dyes, nuno-felting & bookcovers

The sludgy fabrics all washed and ironed with close-up of textures

closeup showing leafy texture

natural dyed with rusty lids

can you see the eyes?

Meanwhile, it was time to do something with the alpaca-merino fleece.  I used a piece of the dyed tissue silk and needlefelted the two together by machine.

needlefelting silk side on top

top side partially felted
closeup of back showing top fibres
Then I needlefelted another piece of wool batt dyed with iron, gum leaves and native cherry needles, adding a circle of tissue silk

wool batt with silk circle

to be made into the book cover on the right.

diary covers

The one on the left is cotton velvet with 2 rows of  ribbon trim and 3 rows of decorative stitching each side and between the trims.

Some bright merino and silk slivers were felted into polyester batting, the bottom piece is more wool batting.

needle felted fabrics

to be made up into these diary covers

diary covers

Tomorrow, if the sun shines warmly, I’ll be back in the studio hopefully to work on some silk scarves, if not, I still have those fat quarters to finish packaging.


2 responses to “Natural dyes, nuno-felting & bookcovers

  1. These are really cool! I love the colors of the diary covers.