Deloraine Craft Fair, Hoffman Challenge and gardening

Deloraine Craft Fair was on again this weekend just gone.  Daughter Jenny had never been to the fair, so we decided we would go together.  We packed up quickly  after Woodbridge Market on Sunday afternoon and headed to Launceston, a 3 hour drive, to stay the night, and be able to arrive at Deloraine, another 45 minutes away, bright and early Monday morning.

This is taken on the Mud Walls Road on the way to Launceston.  I think the dam wall has been raised, as these willows always used to be on the bank of the creek leading into the dam, but now are well and truly marooned.  I wonder how long they will survive like that living in the water.

Willows in dam seen from Mud Walls Road

One of the special exhibits at the Craft Fair was the unveiling of the Hoffman Challenge for 2011.  Click also for the 2012 challenge.

First prize - Diana Eaton

Cindy Watkins' quilt

Kate Berry's "Pineapple"

Stephanie Newman's quilt

Just 4 of the entries to be seen there.  It was quite a small exhibit, as not many entries were received.

Also on show were some of the entries from the 2010 Hoffman Challenge (New Zealand) which were chosen for the travelling exhibition.  Here are photos of 2 of those quilts, this one is by Cindy Watkins of Tasmania- her style is becoming recognisable –

Cindy Watkins' quilt

and this one is by a New Zealand quilter.  It is a side view of a lady at the races.

a lady at the races

There is always a garden plant section at the fair, and I did my homework before going and picked the stalls which had the plants I wanted for my garden, and came home with a couple of large orange and red poppies, a tree peony and a herbacious peony, several lisianthus, some named iris, and a leafy plant which has a name I can’t pronounce (or remember just now) but has red ball-like flowers which hang down under these great leaves, a flowering habit a bit like solomons seal.

And a bit of gardening this afternoon uncovered a couple of gems – these tiny fungi in amongst the old mulch, the caps are about 1 cm (or half an inch) in size

Fungi in garden mulch

and in the watering tubes in one of the large pots I found this weed growing up and out into the water bottle in the top of the tube

desperate weed

the picture says it all I think.

One lovely bright spot, or will be in a week’s time is the first rose to bloom this summer.

Red roses in bud


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