This and that

Guilty conscience working overtime, I thought I had better get this quilt finished.  Toby will have his first birthday in  a little over 3 weeks, and I would like to have it finished by then.

Caterpillar quilt stage 2

I added three borders to the centre pieced panel yesterday, and it’s now just big enough to cover the top of a bed.  Another three similar borders and it will be ready for quilting.

Today was Snug Market, a fairly quiet day overall.  A sunny morning brought out a few people, but some unexpected showers at lunch time soon slowed up the visitors, despite the warm sunny afternoon that followed.

Snug market

I’ve been trying some more natural dyeing, this time boiling up some beetroot to change the colour of a bright turquoise to something a little less overwhelming.  As the scarf was 50/50 cotton and silk, I soaked it in some soy milk for a while first, before putting it into the beetroot pot.

Turquoise scarf in beetroot pot

But after a long boiling this is the result, a very wishy-washy colour blue

After the boiling

with the fringe still about the same depth of the original colour.  I’ll have to try something else to change the colour.


4 responses to “This and that

  1. Love the child’s quilt-very colourful. Lauree


  2. I thing the turquoise is beautiful as it is!