Scarves and caterpillar quilt

A while back I acquired a number of bright turquoise scarves, large, fringed/tasselled, and 50/50 silk and cotton, lovely to feel and wear.  But I wasn’t all that keen on the colour, so decided to change it.

Original turquoise scarf

The first one I used Procion MX dyes and manipulated the scarf to have 2 colours – navy blue on one side lengthways and a bluey-green on the other half

blue, green & discharged

and then later discharged with a floral spray stencil.  The blue moved a bit far but you can see the overall effect. It is a lovely elegant evening stole.

Then last week I thought to try dyeing with beetroot – not successful.  I thought the colour might change to a sapphire or lavendar blue, but not at all, it now looks like a washed out pale green/grey  with some black streaks, not very inviting at all.

Here it is on the left in this photo where it looks more blue than it really is.

3 turquoise scarves

I have three more scarves and I think  I will dye them with procion for a more reliable and predictable result.

Meanwhile, the caterpillar quilt has another border

The next border will I think be a narrow strip of red, before a wide 4 or 5 inch border of the same yellow fabric as the first border.  I was going to use the spotted red fabric for that border (the same design as the blue border fabric), but it is such a busy quilt, I think it needs something quieter, maybe just a single wide border of the dark plain red instead.  What do you my readers think, add a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.  Which way should I go?


2 responses to “Scarves and caterpillar quilt

  1. Quieter!


  2. Myrna McHugh

    I will go for plain red. Happy bordering!