Summer at last

It’s the sixth day of summer and the sun is finally shining, a cloudless sky and some warmth in the air.  For the past couple of weeks we thought winter was back, cold and wet with snow and sleet straight from the south pole.  Fingers crossed that summer will stay for a few weeks at least until after the Christmas holidays.

We have had a strange bird in the garden of late, seems to be a loner.  It was around last year for a short while and then disappeared.

what bird is this?

We haven’t found it in the “What bird is that?” book,  do any readers know what type of bird it is.  It only has a short beak which is hard to see in the pic, it’s black face is very distinctive, and it’s about as big as the jock-whitty (grey thrush).

Saturday was the quarterly meeting of the Tas quilting Guild, and being December, where would we be without a yummy Christmas lunch, with the usual festive fun that goes with it – the Kris Kringle baskets and best dressed table competition (sorry I didn’t think about photos of them) – some were very elaborate and well deserving of the prize.

I had my fabrics and a few other things for sale, and that was successful enough to warrant planning on doing it at every meeting next year.

Fabrics for sale at TQG meeting

And on Sunday, at Woodbridge market, I had my silk scarves for sale.

Woodbridge market

The weather was atrocious in the morning, and we had very few visitors, but the rain and wind stopped around lunch time, and out the people came for the afternoon.  The upside of not many visitors is that you get time to talk to those who are there.

Kitchen and laundry renovations are about to start later this week, so I’m off now to start emptying the laundry in readiness, nearly 15 years of ‘stuff’ to sort out.



6 responses to “Summer at last

  1. Summer?? Oh you are in Australia. Hmm, I need to move, I need some more summer! It’s dark and cold here 😦


  2. cat stone

    You’re brave, Sue, organising renovations just before Christmas. Good luck with it all. Nice to hear you did okay at the guild meeting on Saturday.


  3. Hi Cat, It doesn’t always happen that way, but with 2 of the traders not coming back, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and I think I will continue to have a traders table at each meeting.


  4. Black faced cuckoo shrike. Pg 163 ‘A Field Guide to tasmanian Birds ‘ by Dave Watts. It’s at the edge of its range from the map I can see. Check if its flight is a distinctive undulating one. They characteristically refold the wings several times when alighting.


    • Not sure if it is the same bird. The picture I have shows a lot more black than this bird, and of course now it hasn’t been seen since yesterday morning.