Basil, raspberries and the moon …

I couldn’t choose which of these three things to put in the title of this post, and decided they would make a good mix with all three, and doesn’t your mind conjure up a number of things.  Can you picture something like Mr Basil someone-or-other eating raspberries in the moonlight, or …   whatever you think.

Working backwards on the list.

This afternoon I picked our crop of raspberries from the rather sad remains (courtesy of the wallabies) of our raspberry patch – the plants will grow again next year, now that they are totally enclosed.  Just a handful of berries, but enough for dessert for one tonight – and I’m sure the birds got a few more than I did.

feed of raspberries

Last night the full moon was exceptionally bright, with only a few scuddy clouds in the sky.  It’s a pity we didn’t have that view the night before when the eclipse was happening, there wasn’t a thing to be seen here through the heavy cloud and rain.

Full moon

And we come to the basil part.  I came home with this bunch of basil from the market.  We think that although it is growing wild, it has to be crossed with something like mint to be so hardy and reach this size in southern Tasmania, where basil is generally quite hard to grow at all.

basil or mint

It tastes and looks like basil, but the leaves are quite tough and the stems look a lot like mint.  I have stripped most of the leaves and spread them in the window to dry, they will probably take about a week to become brittle enough to scrunch into a jar.  And the stems – I have planted some cuttings in pots to try to grow some myself.  If mint is in the parentage, the cuttings will strike easily, otherwise they will probably just die off.

These red asiatic lilies have just opened .  The apricot lilies have been blooming for a week or two, and the tiger lily  has several heads on it already.

red asiatic lily


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