It’s almost Christmas again

It’s Christmas time again and another lily has blossomed, all the coloured ones come out one by one and are usually gone before the white Christmas Lilies think about blooming.

Well, the markets are over for me for 2011, the last Woodbridge Market was on Sunday.  I had a different spot because the usual person wasn’t there, and I was able to spread myself out a bit better and make use of the wall behind the table.

I even had a board to pin up Leesa’s babuschka quilt to go with the box of patterns.  Markets start again on 8 January 2012, and fortnightly after that for the summer.

The Snug market has had to change it’s time from 2nd to 4th Sunday of the month.  That’s not good for me, as that weekend I usually have something happening or I’m off somewhere else,  so I’ll probably give that a miss and look for something else on the 2nd weekend.

It’s the week before Christmas, and for the first time ever, I am just about ready.  Only 2 things left to do – cook the pickled pork on Thursday or Friday, and wrap the remaining presents for grandchildren we’ll see on Sunday.

This means more time in my studio to dye/felt some more batting for book covers, or do some quilting.  Remember the caterpillar quilt ?  here is the pieced back

It’s actually very bright, young Toby will need sunglasses.  This afternoon, I finally got the quilt sandwiched and pinned ready for tomorrow’s quilting.

These came in the mail this week, I can’t wait to have some time to sit and watch the Dvd.

Mickey Lawler's Sky Quilts book and DVD

then if we get a summer this year, I’ll get stuck into painting and dyeing again.

Tomorrow I’ll write about this felted book cover.

Felted diary cover


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