It’s Christmas Eve ….

There’s something about Christmas Eve, everything is ready for tomorrow, turkey and pickled pork are cooked, strawberries soaking in liquer overnight, raspberries picked and in the fridge, brightly wrapped parcels under the tree …. now we can sit down and relax for a while.

As always we hope for a sunny day on Christmas Day so we can eat outside, but that doesn’t look very likely at the moment.  Forecast is for some rain for tomorrow morning.  We had some thunder and rain earlier this evening which saved watering the garden – it’s weekly must here in the summer. Let’s hope it has gone by lunch time.

Our teenage grandsons did a grand job today of mowing and clipping the lawns and the hedge – a job they love doing – (can it be because they get to use the ride-on mower and the whipper-snipper ?)

Remember the bunch of basil/mint which I brought home from the Snug market a couple of weeks ago? here it is after sitting in the window, nicely dried and scrunched up,  ready to store and use.

basil/mint dried leaves

I will be using it with peas, potatoes or tomatoes for a delicious flavour.

This is the second crop of potatoes this year, they have grown very well this time, but not ready to dig yet.

potato crop growing in bin

The Hungry Caterpillar quilt is nearly there.  Having practised my straight stitching around all the blocks and borders, I decided to meander like a caterpillar along the outside border.  Usually when I stipple, it is very closely done and I can get quite a smooth rhythm going.  I found it very hard to keep the large curves smooth, but it does look good now it is finished.

large stipple quilting

Monday is for the binding I hope, and then it’ll be ready to give to young Toby when we go to visit o n Tuesday.

I would like to wish all my loyal readers a very happy Christmas and a happy and safe holiday time.



2 responses to “It’s Christmas Eve ….

  1. Would be so happy for nice weather tomorrow. We’re both very proud pf boys today also and that quilt is looking fab! Love the border stipple. 🙂