Felted & dyed wool book covers

Some more of the last batch of dyed and felted wool batting has made it to the finished products.  I used Landscape Dyes and the colours are brilliant.

All pressed and ready for trimming

Four books in their new covers

Green covers are on standard A5 size notebooks (this green felt was natural dyed with native cherry needles)

Purple cover is on a Womens Health Diary for 2012

Maroon-brown cover is also on a Womens Health diary

These weren’t the only covers made, the other couple were sold at today’s market in Woodbridge, and I hadn’t taken any photos, very slack of me.  This group is going up on my website this week, so watch out for it.  Subscribe to this blog and be the first to know when it happens.

I will have my hand-dyed fabric, some commercial fabrics, quilt patterns, dress patterns, bag patterns along with some hardware, bindings, braids and a few other things.


One response to “Felted & dyed wool book covers

  1. Sue, your felt and fabric covers are stunning! I love the juxtaposition of the beautifully dyed, soft felt with angular lines in fabric.
    ~Christina in Cleveland, OH