Souvenir tea towels and quilters’ quotes

With kitchen renovations happening soon, there’s a lot of sorting and packing to do, not just all the crockery and pots, but everything that lives in kitchen cupboards.

Years ago, I used to collect tea towels as souvenirs whenever we travelled.  Then with the advent of a dishwasher, I didn’t need so many, and most have stayed folded up in the cupboard.  Until now.

Looking at pictures of castles, rivers, flower gardens etc, brought back lots of memories from long ago.  Among these pleasant pictures are an assortment of funny quotable towels, such as “Cricket is a funny game“, ” Cricket as explained to a foreign visitor“, (these are both great laughs),  ” Murphy’s Law” (last line in the law says “Murphy is an optimist” !! ) , ” Hazardous Materials data sheet ”  (all about woman being dangerous for man) and two with quilting quotes, which I’ve listed below and many of these quotes we have heard said often.

Souvenir tea towels

Quilter's Quips

The printing has faded a bit so I’ve written it out.

”  Quilter’s Quips

Q uilting and patchwork are fun to do,

U se up your scraps or buy stuff that’s new,

I n goes the needle, then pull through the thread,

L oads of bright colours blue, gold and red.

T echniques and traditions from home and abroad,

E njoy your designs and you’ll never be bored.

R ustic or modern – you must have a go,

S elect your own templates and start to sew,

Q uick as a flash you’ll piece and you’ll patch,

U nique masterpieces you’ll soon hatch.

I deas and designs of star, chain or plate,

P inqheels and triangles – they’ll grow at a rate.

S tart sewing today – and you’ll find it’s just great.

(by Marjorie Carrier, 1996). 

Quilters' quotes

Most are readable.  Top left says – “My husband said if I bought any more fabric he would leave me.  I’m going to miss him!”  and the favourite saying of quilters is repeated twice – “She who dies with the most fabric wins! “

Cricket is a funny game with its ...

The cartoon figures are delightful, and the captions read left to right, top to bottom –

Cricket is a funny game with its

Short legs –  Long legs –   Square legs and –

Fine legs –     Silly Mid-ons –   and Silly Mid-Offs –

Fielders in Slips –    and Gullies, plus statements like –   ‘The last two out were ducks !’  ”

How to be a woman 1953 style

How to be a woman” belongs to one of my daughters, but I thought it was worth a look.  It is a reproduction of a newspaper page of April 1953, listing all the attributes of the gentlewoman of those times, and what she is expected to do.  Feminists of today would not like what is says, but we who were around at that time, smile and nod our heads at the memories.

More about Murphy’s Law and the language of cricket in another post.

I would love to have you comment on these and any others you may have to share.


2 responses to “Souvenir tea towels and quilters’ quotes

  1. I love the gentle humor and the irony in the images chosen for the tea towels… funny quotes about quilting, the Hazardous Materials Data Sheet for kitchen use, and of course the “How to Be A Woman”…

    The humor keeps things sweet, while inviting everyone to look more closely below the surface meaning of things, to see nuances. I love that you have created a collection that has this mood…