February already

I looked at the calendar this morning and realised we are into February already.

My apologies for being a day late but here is the muse for February.

February muse

My brain has been full of so many things lately that keeping up with my deadlines is a major occupation. This Saturday coming (4 Feb) is the annual Middleton Expo country fair, and I’ll be there with as much of my shop and stock of scarves that I can fit in the car and then the tent I use.  The scarecrow competition is on again, and hopefully I’ll get some good photos for next week’s blog.

Wool scarves

The other day I dyed a batch of woolen scarves using Landscape dyes, and the colours are absolutely brilliant.  The wool in the scarf was a little different from the previous batch I had late last year and the dye took more evenly especially in the pink scarves.  These are hanging to dry before ironing.

Then of course being the first Sunday of the month it is Woodbridge Market on Sunday, after that nothing for 2 weeks.


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