Scarecrow competition and markets

For the first time in a couple of weeks I have time to relax and do some reading.  When I had got myself organised ready for the Middleton Expo and Woodbridge Market on the weekend, it was time to really clean out the sewing room.  It took about three and a half days overall give or take, plus help from the girl and boys in my life, to clear it out.  To get my kitchen of choice, I have to give up about 30cm (12 inches) of space along the wall backing onto the kitchen to make the kitchen a bit bigger.  In return I get a studio built onto the end of our house in due course, many times bigger than what was a small bedroom.

Here is one of the winners of the Scarecrow competition – Dr Who arriving at Middleton.

Dr Who has arrived at Middleton

I haven’t taken photos of the other scarecrows yet, I hope to do so tomorrow or the next day.

Meanwhile, this was my tent on Saturday –

My tent at Middleton Expo

and my table at Woodbridge Market on Sunday –

corner table at Woodbridge

I had two tables to spread out on, scarves on the one facing the doorway, and my fabrics and notebooks etc on the side table.


2 responses to “Scarecrow competition and markets

  1. You are very industrious – hope all the effort at the markets paid off.


  2. Yes, Lauree, and I’m exhausted after all the effort.