A walk in the Garden

Our weather has been so variable lately,  hot for one or two days with temperatures of 25 and over, then  it drops to 16 – 18 for the next 3 or 4 days.  Some trees think that autumn is on the way, but summer has barely started.  Adding to this, we have been getting the sort of sunrise that we usually get from autumn through winter and spring –

Summer sunrise

by the time I grabbed my camera, the sky was losing its pinkness.

The garden however still continues to produce lots of colour.  Some of the Belladonnas have started to bloom, this one has two different colour trumpets on the same stem with another bud yet to open.  I wonder if it will be another shade of pink?

Early BellaDonna Lily

This geranium is the mother plant of all my red geraniums and loves being in a pot on the sheltered deck.

Red geranium

The climbing rose is absolutely prolific, but the clusters are difficult to photograph.  This one is looking back into the late afternoon sun.

Pink climbing rose

The pink hydrangea I bought many years ago as a bright blue one, gradually changed to a magnificent deep pink.  It is growing under a very tall man-fern at the southwestern corner of the house, and only gets sun late in the afternoon.   Last winter I put some old iron tent pegs into the ground on one side, hoping to achieve a 2-colour plant.  This batch of blooms vary over the whole bush from mid-pink (a lot lighter than what it was before) through a greeny-coffee-creamy-pink (ugh, looks awful) to a bright green.  The bloom in centre front is half way to the green colour.  Next summer’s blooms will be different again I’m sure, but what colour direction will they take?  Watch this space.

Pink Hydrangea

The purple lassiandra – I don’t know the new name it has been given, but I still call it by its old one – has doubled last years blooms.

Purple Lassiandra (?)

And last but not least at all is this magnificent bouganvillia, which has covered the back of the garden shed and is smothering a crab apple and japonica which are both trying to grow through it.

Pink Bouganvillia

As you can see, lots of colour to brighten up anyone’s day, till next time …


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