New kitchen

Hi to all my readers.  My computer is back and good as new.

Meanwhile in the home department, my new kitchen is just about finished.

New kitchen

It’s all white , looks huge, and I’m adding red bits like the kettle and canisters.  The induction cooktop is working, but the oven and microwave are not wired yet – that happens Monday.  That’s why my old microwave is still in use in the far corner.

Painting will be done this week I hope – a deep red wall and red glass splashback on the back wall, and white wall and splashback on the window wall.  The blue floor you can see is the old carpet square from the lounge room, it fits perfectly – new floor for the kitchen not decided yet.

I have the  weekend to myself so my plan is to find new homes for everything taken out of the old kitchen.  I’m doing some hard culling, I have to as it won’t all fit in the new.

Today’s temperature got to a sweltering 39 degrees, a real “indian summer”,  not quite a record high, and tomorrow is expected to only go to 34 degrees , with some rain and a cool change on Monday down to 24 degrees, now that is a bit more bearable.  That’s why I like the climate of Tasmania, if it gets too hot for one or two days, you know that a cool change will follow with a big drop in the temperature.  The old saying here is that if you don’t like the weather today, come back tomorrow.

I hope you’re all keeping cool if you are in the southern hemisphere, or in the northern hemisphere – quite the reverse, keeping warm, as winter recedes and spring is on the way.



3 responses to “New kitchen

  1. Beautiful! I adore the clean white with red accents. I can’t wait to see the red glass backsplash. Congratulations and ooooo lah lah!!
    Christina in Cleveland, OH US where it is snowing. 🙂


  2. Hi Christina, I’m quite excited about it too. And some snow here would be welcome, by me at least.


  3. love it love it love it!!!