It’s all happening here ..

It’s all happening here today … this morning when I left home to take my mobile shop to a new craft group starting at West Winds in Woodbridge, this is what the front wall looked like.

Window wall covered in plastic sheeting

When I arrived home this afternoon, the plastic had gone from the windows and new frames were being put in.

Window frames in place

Shortly afterwards came the glass …

new window with helpers

lots of helping hands for such a big piece of glass, weighing about 120kgs!

Then came the laundry window and door…

laundry entrance

Here's how it looked at the end of the day - very reflective windows from the outside, but it's wonderful to be able to see out again

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the painting is done, everything is working, but the glass splashback is still on its way …….

Red wall in kitchen, back wall lit up (looks like two ladies)

And this is my new sewing room, a bit narrower than before, just waiting for me to move back in, when the architraves are put back on the windows.

sewing room

The front of the wardrobe will have sheets of pellon stuck to it again (as it was before) for the design wall in the next day or so, and the (now) red bookcase will be full of books.

Red bookcase used to be 80's milk chocolate brown

And to finish off, here is one of my favourite pink roses in bloom again.


6 responses to “It’s all happening here ..

  1. looks awesome and I can’t believe I missed the new front door when I came in! can’t wait for the kitchen glass to go in now 🙂


  2. You and me both.


  3. Congratulations! I am SO excited for you. The HUGE windows look amazing. I adore the red bookcase. Did you paint it yourself?
    Your kitchen looks so cheerful and bright. The glass backsplash is going to be amazing!
    ~Christina in Cleveland, OH USA


  4. Yes Christina, I painted the bookcase myself, using the leftover paint from the kitchen, couldn’t waste it could I? 🙂


  5. beaderbabs

    WOW, I’m so excited for you!!! It looks beautiful Sue, I love the paint in the kitchen and the bookshelf….and those WINDOWS!!! Finally, they’re wonderful!!!

    That is a pretty little rose too, glad you added it!!!


    • HI chris, yes it’s all coming together nicely. Bit of a delay with the red glass splashback in the kitchen – colour wasn’t listed in their catalogue, thought it must have been an old colour, but no, it was so new (this year’s release) they hadn’t received it. Local paint shop had the formula, now no further delay hopefully. 🙂