Sunrise, blue flowers and visitors

This was a great start to the day

Very early sunrise

Not having a space to be creative in, I’ve had severe withdrawal systems, so much so that I’ve had to  trawl through my photos to keep my impatience at bay.  Here’s some of what I found, I’d like to share these creations with you, ones that haven’t been seen for a while.

Satin embroidered bag

Silk organza and Japanese silk bag

Knitted shoulder cape, mohair and novelty yarns

Knitted bag, mostly novelty yarns with black wool as base

Embroidered evening bags

And the blue plumbago that is still in a pot on the deck has started to bloom.

Plumbago in bloom

Tonight as I type this, I see that I have had 9368 visitors to date, that’s absolutely amazing, and in a little over 19 months .  Can I reach 10,000 before August when my blog will be 2 years old ?Thank you to all my readers and followers, I love to receive your comments and emails.  I’ll have to think of a celebration for the 10,000 or 2 years, whichever comes first.

Meanwhile the painting goes on and on, but the end is in sight, I might be able to move back in on Thursday …


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