Coals to Newcastle ? and back again

In a former life we were cherry growers, and I used to collect “cherry things”, any memorabilia with cherries on it, such as tea towels, pepper/salt shakers, mugs, tins, bags, coasters,  you name it, they were in my collection.  So of course, when I was browsing a village market somewhere in the south of England about 15 years ago – can’t remember the exact place now – my eye was caught by this discarded tin.

It is very eye-catching, the bowl and the cherries are raised in relief, so they really stand out to be noticed.  I had to have it.

Imagine my amazement when I turned it over and read the fine print on the back –

The inscription reads:   “Made in England for Target Australia Pty.Ltd. 12-14 Thompson Road, North Geelong, Victoria 3215.”

Someone in Australia had bought a tin of biscuits which were imported from England, sent it  to England, probably as a gift, where the empty tin eventually ended up on a market stall, to be bought by an Australian to take back home.  A very much travelled tin.  Now treasured both for its history and my memories of that visit to England.


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