April Fools Day again

This post was going to be the week that was, but it is suddenly a new month, and the first day of April, April Fools Day came and went without a murmur.

Working backwards.  Today we went out to lunch to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary.  A lovely meal with a beautiful view of the boats in the bay.  This is part of the view from the  restaurant which sits over the water above the marina in Kettering .

Kettering Marina

Yesterday was market day again for me, and I headed over the hill to try my luck at the Cygnet market which operates on the same days as Woodbridge over the summer.  Woodbridge has finished for the winter until November again.

Cygnet market

Saturday was the Quilters Easter Showcase at the Brighton Civic Centre, held annually the week before Easter, a great friendship day for the 250 plus quilters who attended and about 12 traders, displaying and selling everything to do with quilting, including new sewing machine models.  After lunch there was the usual Show ‘ n’ Tell, the only time the room was quiet and just about everyone seated.  This a view looking out to the west, hills overlooking the Derwent River valley in the background.

Inside the auditorium looking west

Friday was cleaning up day getting ready to move back into my sewing room.  Here it looks pristine, wait until tomorrow when the clutter creeps back.  I can’t wait.  Watch this space, as they say …..

Sewing room ready to move in

And lastly and belatedly again this month, here is my April Muse.  I think about it in the days leading up to the end of the month, then almost forget on the first day.

April Muse

And as I write, the tally of visitors is 9593, soon be time to celebrate.


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  1. Loving the new header. the tulips are gorgeous!