AQC, sewing room and my 10,000 visitors

I’m very excited now it’s all sorted.  I am off to Melbourne next week to the Australasian Quilt Convention.  Very unexpectedly I heard of a cancellation to the class I missed out on at booking time last October, and put up my hand … I’m booked into Kay Haerland’s class “Creating a Realistic Landscape” , plane tickets bought and accommodation booked. Being school holidays I was lucky to get the flights for the times and days I needed.    I’ve been to the Convention as a day visitor a couple of times before, but this is the first time as a delegate.   I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, this is the tidy empty sewing room a few days ago, before the clutter starts to creep in

and here is the bookcase with its new coat of paint, lovely red same as the kitchen, in an attempt to hide the fact it is very old and only just stands up straight when the shelves are full of books etc and chocks are placed under the front edges.

Red bookcase, coat of paint gives a new lease of life

Over the weekend I’ll be pulling boxes out to find the necessary fabrics needed for the class next week.  I think some of my multi-colour hand-dyes will come in handy here.

9703 visitors to date.  Who will be the 10,000th visitor?  At the rate of visitors, it looks like it will be in the next couple of weeks, and while I’m away.  Anyway, keep commenting and sending emails, although the comments are easier to track down the specific time.  You can also “Like” me here or on my facebook page.  There’ll be a nice surprise in store for someone.


2 responses to “AQC, sewing room and my 10,000 visitors

  1. Kerry Black

    Hi Sue,
    Have just found your site – so close to home! I live in Kettering and am looking at joining Channel Quilters and Stitching & Beyond. I hope you have a great time at AQC. I found Kay Haerland’s website a few days ago & would really love to do her workshops as this is the quilting I could see myself doing. Sent two emails enquiring about a quilt, but didn’t receive a reply. Maybe one day she will come here & teach a class. The other persons quilts I really love are Gloria Loughmans.


    • Hi Kerry, We must meet up sometime, email me privately. Back home very late last night, had a wonderful time at AQC, even brought home something nearly done !