AQC, Island Quilts and the Hungry Caterpillar

Easter seems such a long time ago when I posted last.  Here are a few photos to illustrate what I have been doing –

First was my week at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, in Kay Haerland’s master class – Creating a Realistic Landscape –

Kay Haerland's Realistic Landscape class, my quilt in top row third from right

My unfinished landscape

When I came home I had to sort out my computer which was “not responding” just about every time I wanted to open a file.  Then it was time to go to Launceston for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild’s exhibition “Island Quilts” in Launceston, (tomorrow is last day if you still want to go), where I was honoured to be one of the two Tasmanian judges with Faye Cunningham from Melbourne as the main judge.  Here is the Best of Show for 2012 –

Best of Show 2012
Black Holes - the Milky Way
by Marlene King

Early in the week I had a chance to visit the grandchildren in Smithton, where Toby finally received his Hungry Caterpillar quilt –

Toby and his caterpillar quilt

Back home and the mild autumn we have been experiencing lately seems to be making way for winter.  I can hear the snow rumbles – sounds just like a thunderstorm without the lightning and rain – and the temperature has dropped.  About time to get out the winter woollies again.


3 responses to “AQC, Island Quilts and the Hungry Caterpillar

  1. Congratulations on being one of the 2 judges @ Island Quilts. I was sorry not to be able to attend the exhibition. Hope to see the CD.


  2. Thank you Lauree, there were a lot of wonderful quilts there.


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