May Day

May Day, 1st May, has long been celebrated as the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere.  See , while in many other countries it has been celebrated as the International Workers Day, see .

My Muse for May looks to me a lot like the image of Lady Guinevere in the first wikipedia reference above –

My Muse for May

Have a great day wherever you are, just celebrate for no particular reason.

I will have some textiley things to show again soon, my workroom is taking shape at last !!


2 responses to “May Day

  1. As we say here: hauskaa vappua 🙂 (better late than never)


  2. This was the one of the first customer quilts I quilted, and I remember having so much trouble with the Pfaff and breaking threads and skipped stitches. It took way, way, way longer than it should have! I also undercharged badly for it, I realise now!