Mothers Day Classic Walk and food

Sunday was very fresh, a cool 5 degrees when I left home with Mr. 8, (grandson) to join his older brothers in the 4km walk in Hobart, their mum was running in the 8km run.

The 8km run, 4km run and 4km walk are a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research, held annually on Mothers Day all over Australia in major cities and towns.  There were over two thousand in the Hobart event.

We completed in just under the hour.  Very invigorating.  Here’s some of the crowd waiting for the runners to finish.

13 May 2012 Hobart

Not the best photo, taken with my phone.

Home after the healthy walk to find a box of chocolates

Even the box is chocolate

I’ll have to ration it out, can’t undo all the good work from the walking, now can I?

Tried a new recipe for potato flatbreads, see Kanerva.  My oven was way too hot and I had to remove them after 7 minutes as they started to burn – still a bit undercooked in the middle.  I’ll try some again sometime, they are a good accompaniment with my thick winter soup that I make frequently.

potato flatbreads

This post was written on Sunday evening and forgot to actually publish it, only one word changed –  the first one, from “this” to “Sunday”. I’ll have something else later today when I finish writing it.



One response to “Mothers Day Classic Walk and food

  1. They look really good, a little thick perhaps. The colour is perfect. Yes, they go really well with soup!

    Ovens can be tricky, mine runs a little cool I’m sure…