New studio, and SAQA blog hop

I have started moving things back into my SMALLER sewing studio.

stage 1.

Red book case ready

First was the pellon added to the cupboard doors to remake my design wall –

Design wall

The edges of the pellon on the doors will lay flat after a while.  I now realise I should have painted the knobs as well as the cupboard !

Then can the pine shelves which also had a new coat of paint –

Essentials within easy reach

Looks very tidy today…

Only works in progress

Next job will be the bookcase, getting the boxes out of storage in the shed and weeding very hard.  I don’t want to end up with the book piles on the floor that I used to have.  The room is now too small for ANY clutter!  which means that I have to try very hard to be tidy (big grin) ! People who know me know that is a big ask.

It will take the next couple of weeks at least to get everything into its proper places and I can really start working properly in my creative space.

I’m a member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Associates)-Oceania group.  We are having a Studio Blog Hop every second day for the month of May.  I am at the bottom of the list so I can have time to get my studio space back into action.

Here is the list of blogs, do visit and see what we are all doing –

1 May   Mel Forrest

3 May  Sue Dennis

5 May  Lisa Walton

7 May  Linda Robertus

9 May  Dale Rollerson

11 May  Averil Stuart-Head

13 May  Beth Miller

15 May  Sally Westcott

17 May  Ali George

19 May  Pam Holland

21 May  Felicity Clarke

25 May  Alison Lawrence

27 May  Jenny Bowker

29 May  Sue Domeney


2 responses to “New studio, and SAQA blog hop


    I couldn’t get to Mel’s from the link you put up – I found it on Dales blog, here it is 🙂

    Now I’ve seen the first half of the month, can’t wait to see the rest!


  2. Thank you Kanerva, have re-typed the address, don’t know why it didn’t work for you, it was fine this morning.
    Yes, there’s some great work places out there, it has given me some more ideas for my purpose-built studio to come.