Renovations, Studio Blog Hop and quilting

Today the painter took over the entire kitchen-lounge-office and covered everything in sight with plastic sheeting.  It had an eerie look about it –

With nowhere to go, it was the perfect opportunity for me to finish getting my sewing room in order.  Cupboards and shelves filled, bookcase nearly there, and I managed to do a bit of quilting.

I have been working on my “Black Holes” quilt for some time and I can say it is about three quarters done.  This is a small part of it before the quilting.

section of “Black Holes” quilt

The background is pieced like a brick wall in very dark fabrics.  Then I have appliqued lots of coloured circles including black ones – they are the left-overs from the “Fireworks” quilt, which I made several years ago. You can see it in my Gallery page. (That quilt was a whole cloth background with the circles appliqued and embroidered.) When I have finished quilting-it-to-death, hopefully this quilt will look a bit like planets being drawn down into the big black hole.  Time will tell.

In the meantime I hope you have been able to check out the blogs of these fellow SAQA quilt artists on our Studio Blog Hop for May,to see what we have been doing –

1 May   Mel Forrest

3 May  Sue Dennis

5 May  Lisa Walton

7 May  Linda Robertus

9 May  Dale Rollerson

11 May  Averil Stuart-Head

13 May  Beth Miller

15 May  Sally Westcott

17 May  Ali George

19 May Pam Holland

21 May  Felicity Clarke

25 May  Alison Lawrence

27 May  Jenny Bowker

29 May  Sue Domeney

As you can see, it will be my turn on Tuesday.  Hope you can come back and visit.


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