SAQA Studio Blog Hop

Hello and thank you for visiting my studio.  As some of my regular readers will know, I have been in the throes of having my sewing room refurbished.  Now it is a nice calm space, where I can look out the window at the view of the garden close by and the neighbour’s vineyard in the distance, which virtually disappears in the summer when the willows and poplars in the paddock below are in leaf.

The first picture is how it often looked in the past, mainly because my stash just kept growing.  I found that clutter around me was not really conducive to being very creative.

how it was

That has changed immensely, my space is a bit smaller (blame the new and larger kitchen next door), but I am happy with less stuff around me.

Sewing space with no clutter

And now I can see the view and have room for inspiration

my everyday calming view

with my books, threads and fabrics around me, it will be a good space to be creative very soon.

My wet studio is in our old packing shed 200m from the house.  I have plenty of space to spread out, and it is easy to keep clean between dyeing and painting sessions

I hope you liked visiting my studio space, as well as the other art quilters who have been a part of this month’s Studio Blog Hop by members of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates).  In the few months I have been a member of SAQA I have already met quite a few fellow artists both in person and through the internet.  If you would like to know more about SAQA, why not visit their website – .


8 responses to “SAQA Studio Blog Hop

  1. I love your wet studio- it is so big and has 4 walls. That’s the one thing I’d love to have, as I work outside under a patio roof and when it’s windy it’s hard to work.


    • Hi Sue, I consider myself very lucky to have such a space, and its big enough for large classes of 12 to 15 people to spread out in too.


  2. Lovely working spaces which I miss. Hopefully one day will have a large area like your to work in. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Your sewing room looks about the size of mine but I don’t have your views. I am in the middle of reorganising mine too and hope it will be a much more useful space when I’ve finished. Your wet space is fantastic! Oh to have so much room 🙂


  4. Beautiful view…and nice natural light!


  5. A big thankyou to all who have visited my studio/blog and to those who have commented or sent messages. I am very keen to get creating some more very soon. I’ll keep you posted.


  6. Fantastic space for your dye work – thanks for sharing your work setup. Interesting to see the different ways of organising.


    • Yes Linda, I love this space, but it doesn’t get a lot of use at this time of the year being winter, because it does get very cold in there.