It’s back to work again

It’s been back to work again this week after quite a long while not really achieving much for the time spent.

I’ve been ordering lots of supplies for the haberdashery section of my mobile shop, and each new delivery is exciting opening up the parcels, almost like birthday and christmas rolled into one – except of course I’ve had to pay for everything, they’re not presents !  When I’ve got them organised in my shop/studio I’ll take some photos to show what I have.  A pile of fabrics are expected in the next week or so and I’ll show them as they arrive.

Friday promised to be a lovely winter’s day, very calm not a breath of wind, and very sunny even though the temperature was only about 15 degrees at midday.  We hadn’t seen the sun for so long, I decided to spend it in my wet studio and do some dyeing – silk and wool scarves using the microwave and Landscape Dyes first, and later the procion dyes for the scarves that had cotton or linen mixed with the silk, which I could batch in front of the heater at home.

Murphy’s law, the bottles of dyes I would be using were empty, so I spent the first hour mixing up and filling empty jars or refilling half used jars –

Landscape dyes mixed and ready

then down to work, and here are the first batch drying in the sun –

left to right, they are merino wool, silk habutai, silk organza, silk habutai, and merino wool.

second batch, and the reds are actually much richer than the photo shows.

Lastly was the procion scarves, I used very dark blues and purples with a drop of black.  Here they are batching in front of the heater.

priocion dyed scarves batching

They all look very dark, not rinsed out yet, probably added too much black in the mix, we’ll see.

Yesterday, it was market day at Adventure Bay on Bruny Island, a regular event when there is a public holiday long weekend, as this is, celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.  The weather forecast was for more misty easterly weather, and I’m sure that put off the holiday shack owners and visitors to the island.  I usually catch the early ferry at 7.45 am to get to the island, and need to be in the queue at least half an hour before departure to be sure of getting on the ferry.  This time, so few were there that only the bottom deck was used and that was not full – not an auspicious start to the day.

However, even though there were very few visitors to the market, the local residents all came round, but it was still a very quiet market.  The next one will be in November, when there are always plenty of visitors on the island.


2 responses to “It’s back to work again

  1. Christina in Cleveland

    Absolutely stunning!!! Wow! Is it wrong to have such beauty make my mouth water? 🙂
    I understand about having a long time without the sun. You’ve made your own!
    Looking forward to your shop developments!
    ~Christina in Cleveland