Still at work

It’s a lovely feeling to finally finish the background to a quilt which has been a long time in the making so far.   All the planets (circles) on the “black” background are now standing out as I wanted them to.  The background has been tightly stippled with a black metallic thread, which sparkles when the quilt is moved or you look at it at different angles, but the sparkle doesn’t photograph well at all.

Front of “Black Holes” quilt

The stitching shows up better on the back, where you can sort of see the spiralling into the black hole, (not quite in the centre).

Quilting on the back

and a close-up view

close-up view of quilt back

That was the easy part, now comes the embellishing to add definition to each circle and show how each is part of the spiral into the black centre.  Lots of silver and grey ribbons and threads to be attached, probably beads too.

Come back next year to see how I am getting on with it !

I have just finished an online class with Ellen Lindner of Adventure called Sticky Fingers, a great tecchnique for collage and one I will certainly use in my landscapes.  She has another online class starting soon called Double Reverse Applique, that one sounds fun too.

Here’s my finished art work

Sticky Fingers” collage

Having an unused door in our passageway, I am making a panel to hang over it.  Here it is ready for quilting.

Japanese panel

I love these panels and have used them before as centres for bigger quilts, but this one will be on its own.  I’ll do lots of background filler designs in a dark blue to complement the design already there.


4 responses to “Still at work

  1. love the back of the quilt with the pattern, can’t wait to see the finished product, next year, lol!


  2. cat stone

    Looking good, Sue. Lots of quilting there – will be great to see in real life!

    I’ve looked at Ellen Lindner’s classes a few times – now I’m even more tempted.


    • Thanks Cat, quilt now pinned back on the wall waiting for the ideas to emerge on the “what bit next …”
      Ellen’s classes are definitely worth while, not expensive and a lot of fun, and she is very generous with her comments and suggestions on students’ work.