Winter and studio makeover

First frost of the winter on Wednesday morning, and the temperature has hardly hit double figures all this week and looks like being the same for the next week as well

First frost of winter 2012

and the lovely pink camellia bravely beginning to bloom

During the week I have been getting my fabric shop ready to open for business.  It is in a corner of my large studio, the corner which has the best light 🙂 .  It’s part of a major re-arrangement of the studio, in preparation for the Channel Art Trail scheduled for the last weekend of August, Friday 24 to Sunday 26.  The plan is to create “rooms” to separate the various activities and displays, making good use of the cupboards removed from the kitchen recently.

I have put two of the cupboards side by side, and given them a single new bench top, looks a whole lot better joined together, and added a couple of cheap bookcases (pink) on top, very effective, (which happens to match the colour of the radio/CD player).  The hole where the dishwasher was will eventually house a trolley with basket shelves.

Haberdashery from Clover & Birch, templates & kits from Victorian Textiles, dress & bag patterns from You Sew Girl (Nicole Mallelieu) & bag accessories, rulers and cutters, quilt patterns from Leesa Chandler, quilting books and more ….  Everything a quilter needs (I hope)

Bolts of batting, backings and other fabrics in the corner

Boxes of fat quarters and cut lengths of fabrics

Fabrics are still in their boxes, which, with lids off, can be spread over the (large) table top.  Under the black plastic is my glass display cabinet which will have my silk scarves and other creations eventually.

The opposite corner will use another two bench cupboards, together with the long red covered bench already there, for the actual dyeing area.  The painting and stamping table will stay in the middle.  That will leave room by one of the doors for the table of books and fabrics for sale.

There will be two other special areas – a display of small quilts by the Circle of 4 art quilt group, and another space for my daughter Jen of Marcato Designs to display her jewellery creations.

The remaining space that weekend will be used for displaying my quilts, scarves and other textile creations.

My website disappeared a couple of days ago – hopefully I can get it back up again soon.


6 responses to “Winter and studio makeover

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  2. You have been busy. LAUREE


  3. Looking good. Best of luck with your shop!


  4. Looking good Sue. Hope to come and visit when I get a spare moment!!