Flowerpot Heritage Quilt

About 3 weeks ago I was asked if I had a quilt suitable to hang in the local Heritage Museum at Margate with other art works themed relevant to the Channel district, for the first month after the opening of the re-furbished museum.  No I didn’t, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to produce something small in the time – famous last words …

A couple of days of thinking later, I came up with the idea of using some of our family and historic photos, printed on to fabric.

First, find the photos – this one is of Flowerpot Rock, with a group of people picnicking on top, probably in the 1920s.

Flowerpot Rock 1920s

Then choose a suitable fabric from my stash

Sepia fabrics

nothing quite the right colour, so a bit of dyeing to be done.

Procion Brown RA & mop-up

Procion brown 2RA & mop-up

DynaFlow Ecru & salt

DynaFlow Ecru/Pewter & salt

The Procion dyes turned out quite soft browns, and on the mop-ups the colours split, revealing lovely pink yellow and grey.  the best fabrics weren’t big enough pieces to use.  The DynaFlow Ecru with a few drops of Pewter added, and lots of salt thrown over, was perfect even though a bit pale.

Then to transfer the photos using Image Transfer Medium.  Plan was to arrange haphazardly with a bit of overlap of the images. So I proceeded to reverse the photos on the computer and colour them sepia before printing.  This one I forgot to reverse so used it as a test.

Image transfer medium result

Not very exciting at all, colour changed from pinky brown to mustard and the fabric is very stiff.  No way would this work with my layout.

Off to the local art supply store, to get some fabric sheets, as I found I had run out of them.  A Jacquard product, the size was a quarter inch wider than A4, and caused some problems with the printer scrunching edges, until I decided to cut it to size and it worked perfectly (duh!).

Having picked out the 6 best prints, I laid them out according to my original idea on one of the mop-up fabrics, perfec match of colour.

Sepia prints on fabric

Version 1

Overnight I thought a different layout would be better , swapping sides

Version 2

Not happy with this arrangement, although the order and placement was okay.  Change fabrics, measure and cut, stitch and press.  The final layout is three horizontal blocks instead of two vertical ones.  The fabric around the photos is the ecru and pewter, the darker piping is the brown 2R and the outer border is the lighter brown RA with some grey mottles.

Individually the fabrics all looked wrong, and I was thinking about adding a coffee/tea wash or sponge swipe over it to blend the colours, but I think the colours all fit together perfectly. What fluke, you can be lucky sometimes. 🙂

Floweerpot Heritage Quilt – final version

Tomorrow, I’ll sandwich and quilt it, with a facing rather than a binding, so I can deliver it on Thursday.


3 responses to “Flowerpot Heritage Quilt

  1. Impressive. I like to see other’s thought processes. I, too often have overnight epiphanies. Something about the pre and post-REM state, I think.


  2. Reblogged this on Mother, Beader and Coffee lover…. and commented:
    Have a look at my mum’s post about a Heritage Quilt she made – showing the house we grew up in and the infamous rock at the waters edge.
    It looks fantastic and the colours are perfect.


  3. I love it – especially the sepia tones- you couldn’t have done it any better. Would love to see it in the flesh – so to speak!