The digital age

How reliant we get on all our digital gadgets, that without them at the ready we feel lost.  That’s how I have been this past week, in fact since Thursday 10 days ago.

My laptop started another go-slow day, so I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of taking it with me when I went away for the weekend (story for another post soon), and gave it 5 or 6 days to relax without being used…. nothing had changed when I got home.  no emails, no internet so off to the computer doctor with it.  The bad news came today after 3 days in intensive care – the hard drive may be cactus !!  Another day for a re-installation of the Office system on a new hard drive, and I might have it back.

In the meanwhile, I have been able to receive emails on my phone, but nothing else – this post is on a borrowed computer, so no photos as they are all in my computer.

I know that when I get it back, I will be spending all day on it catching up, so watch out.  🙂



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