Sunrise, moonrise and master class

It’s 2 weeks now since I returned home from a wonderful weekend in a Master Class for Machine Quilting with Deb Louie, at Grindlewald north of Launceston. Although the weather was foul and we froze for a lot of the time, we all had a great time and learnt a lot.  Here’s some of my samples –

Easy designs for background fillers that can be tailored to fit any space on any quilt.  I have already “put into practice” some of them by finishing the japanese panel I showed you a few weeks back.  Here it is waiting for the binding or facing, I haven’t decided yet –

and a close up of the background

I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

I am recovering I hope from a second bout of the 24 hour lurgi that is going about here.  I went down with it just after the weekend away and bounced back in a day, shared it generously with my husband, who didn’t take kindly to it at all, and have now gone down with it again, worse than before.

It’s not difficult staying indoors when the weather is like this

both are shortly after sunrises last week, luckily the fog does lift here usually by midday, not like some other parts of Tasmania, such as the Huon Valley and the upper Derwent Valley, where it might be several days between views of the sun.

Any way, this is more like normal

Yesterday, 15 July

and early this morning we saw this –

Moon rise before sun rise today


6 responses to “Sunrise, moonrise and master class

  1. Beautiful quilting – adds another artistic element to your lovely quilt! Hope you both feel better soon … =D


  2. myrna mchugh

    Very inspiring work on your Jap quilt…applying DL’s system.

    I went down with a flu as well immediately after I got back from the long weekend…fully recovered now I think.

    Been going out in the garden to get my free dose of Vit D as soon as I see the sun come out…plenty of work left to do even with just doing weeding. Carrots and green mignonette lettuce keeping us supplied for the moment. Myrna


  3. Hi, I am responding to a comment you left on my sewsewart blog:
    Actually, the best ever book cover is a free tutorial on my blog. Check out the tags at the top of the home page. The tutorials are free, can be printed for you use.
    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment. I also wish I could teach workshops long distance. I do have some really nice tutorials though and you are welcome to them all. Beth


  4. A great tutorial and it’s definitely the “best ever book cover”, so easy. I’ll be giving it a go soon. And I’ve subscribed to your blog.