It’s all happening at Flowerpot

The day started like this

Sunrise 23 July 2012

and then everything happened at once  –

First the builder arrived.

Hey, I’ll soon have a working laundry

And the man with  the mechanical shovel came.  After fixing the drainage problem we had, the digger was used to move my magnolia tree (complete with some fresh bluebells already growing) to a new home where it has room to grow and spread.    It’s right where the plovers congregate regularly, I wonder what they will think of it.

My magnolia tree now has a new home with plenth of room to spread

Meanwhile I was communing with my sewing machine, and this is the second (out of 5) japanese panels in my UFO basket

This Friendship Ribbons panel I’ve had for many years.  When I first bought it, I put a layer of organza over the top and stitched a gold braid over the ribbon edges.  The organza just did not work at all.  So into the cupboard for at least 5 years.

When I found it last week, I decided to remove all the organza and start afresh, but … to remove the organza cleanly I ended up fussy cutting around the central design and appliqueing it on to another navy background before cutting the organza from each individual ribbon.  The alternative was to unpick the gold braid (UGH!) which was stitched on with nylon filament thread, so no real choice at all.

By appliqueing on to another background, I made it a bit wider, and it now fits the door in the hallway nicely, better than the geisha panel I was going to use.  This time I filled the background with flowers, leaves and curliques.

After such a productive day, it was time to make a pot of pumpkin soup

Pumpkin ready for the pot

I’m off to Coles Bay on Wednesday for a couple of days on a quilting retreat with the Circle of 4, and the soup is my contribution to the food.

We’ll be testing it out for lunch tomorrow.  Yum!   🙂 🙂


One response to “It’s all happening at Flowerpot

  1. Poor plovers! I’m sure they’ll get used to the yard renovation. 14 degrees and rain here today, so your soup wouldn’t be out of place here either! Have a great retreat 🙂