Drunkards Path quilt

I have in my shop a number of Drunkards Path kits

Drunkards Path kit – black & white fabrics

which includes cut pieces for 24 x 12″ blocks, 24 x 3″ blocks, and the templates for the 3″ blocks.

The Show and Tell theme for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild (TQG) September meeting is drunkards path.  Next weekend is the TQG Friendship Day, and I will have these kits for sale there, as well as various sizes of templates.  A last minute easy option for anyone wanting to make this quilt.

The drunkards path block is one that I have long avoided, thinking, like a lot of others, that it would be difficult to get all those curves smooth.  I have finally bit the bullet and have something to show for it.  And it is NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL if you are careful and try to be accurate.  This is step by step how I did it.

I used the red and green kit, not quite Christmasy colours

Begin by folding the quarter circles in half and finger pressing the top edge

And in half again and finger pressing the top edge

Do the same folding for the outer piece of the block, in half and quarters and finger pressing

Then make tiny snips into the edge of this piece, only one eighth of an inch deep, once or twice in each quarter

Lay pieces right sides together, matching up folds starting at centre

Pin at the folds

Ease (stretch) the edge as you pin the curve, pin as much as you feel you need.

Ready to sew – always sew  with the quarter circle on top, and you can pull/ease the other piece as you sew.

All blocks pinned ready for stitching

I forgot to take photos of the sewing and pressing.  Sew with the quarter circle on top, easing the cut edge (underneath) with your fingers as you sew.  Press the seam to the outer corner and it will always lay flat.

Now it’s time to lay out the blocks to create your quilt

Layout number 1, a very traditional layout, but not right for these fabrics

Layout number 3, the pale pieces don’t seem to fit anywhere

Final version, very different layout

All sewn up and waiting for the borders. The very pale pieces (top left) I think will get a splash of paint to balance with the lighter pieces in bottom right corner

The 3″ blocks were a little fiddly to sew. I think this piece will be one side of a bag

And the lighter 3″ blocks will make a pocket on the other side of the bag

Although it was a kit with already chosen and cut out fabrics – not my normal way of doing things – I am happy with the results of only 3 days’ work to produce a quilt top and matching bag.

Now to dive into my stash to find border and backing fabrics.


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  1. Christina in Cleveland

    Very good tips!!! Thank you!!!


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