Winter and Drunkards’ Path

Lately, we have been having some wonderful sunrises like this one

which is often followed a couple of hours later by heavy rain, which runs straight off the driveway towards the house.  Anytime soon now,  the house could become an ark and float away.

The doorstep under water is a common sight.

Despite everyone complaining about the cold, it really hasn’t been as bad this winter as it was last year.  I regularly (twice a week) drive to Kingston or further very early in the morning, often when the sun is just over the horizon, and frost still on the ground.  The lowest the temperature has been on those mornings this July and August, is plus 2 degrees.  Last year, it was below zero degrees on most mornings I was on the road.

Days like that mean a lovely warm log fire and a good book to read.  Sometimes, like today, I can’t settle to just sit and read, and usually end up fiddling around in the sewing room, picking up and moving things around, sort of tidying up, but really just enjoying the look and feel of my fabrics.  Today, I sorted some reds and greens for the Drunkards Path border, and added them to the few fat quarters I bought a few days ago.  This was my choice –

The quilt is at the bottom of the picture, 2 fabrics same as the quilt in the middle and the fan on the top is the fat quarters and scraps.  I think I will have enough for a 6 inch border of flying geese, large red triangles with green corner triangles, the colours going opposite directions from dark to light.

A couple of hours later and here are the squares, 9″ for the green and 7 1/2″ for the red.

and now all I have to do is stitch them together, cut apart and stitch and cut again.  I calculated I would need eighty geese for the four sides and another eight or twelve for the corners.

Stitching time will be minimal over the next few days.  We are having a garage sale on the weekend, as part of the cleaning up process to make the studio area ready for the Art Trail in a little over a week away.


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