Preparing for the Channel Art Trail

Another lovely start to the day

Sunrise 22 August 2012

and it stayed sunny all day, warm enough to know that spring is on the way.

The bees were out in force this morning, buzzing around the bee bush (forgotten the proper name right now, having another senior’s moment).  I can see at least 4 bees on this bit of the bush.

Busy bees

The Art Trail begins on Friday, and today was spent hanging the 20 little quilts from the Circle of 4 art quilters.

Circle of 4 logo

Here is a taster photo of the setting up, a bit on the dark side, but you can get an idea.

To see all of them, you’ll have to come and visit us over the weekend at my studio in Flowerpot.  There’ll be better photos when it is finished being hung.

Jennifer was busy getting her display ready too.

Marcato designs

Tomorrow will see everything in its place, and some very tired people by the end of the day.  Tell you more later.


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