Art Trail photos

We had a wonderful weekend, the weather was kind as regards the rain, some but not too bad, and the sun was out most of the time.I can’t say definitely, but we probably had over 150 visitors, only about half of them wrote in the visitors’ book – some very nice comments too.

Here’s a few photos to tell the story.

Part of Flowerpot Quilts’ studio space

Visitors to Marcato studio space

The first display of small art quilts by the Circle of 4 Art Quilters, arranged by each challenge theme –

Circle of 4 display of small art quilts

Challenge #1 – Looking out the window

Challenge #2 – Portrait inspired by Picasso

Challenge #3 – Black Magic

Challenge #4 – Winter

Challenge #5 – free choice theme, but on canvas

Over the course of the weekend, I demonstrated dyeing silk scarves using Procion and Landscape dyes, and wool scarves using Landscape dyes. Here are some of the results.  Left to right – 2 Landscape wool scarves (bloodwood purple and galah pink), 4 Landscape silk scarves (marine blue, marine blue & apollo bay blue, bloodwood scrunched, galah pink), and 3 Procion Mx silk scarves (same Red MXG on all, with varying amounts of Aubergine poured over the red – I love the one on the right).

Results of scarf dyeing demonstrations

Second picture is of the same red and aubergine on a silk jersey cowl scarf.

Silk jersey cowl scarf

And this is what the studio looks like now, all packed up and put away.  The sheet-covered tables are the shop displays.

An empty studio

An empty and tidy studio space just waiting for me to start work and make it messy again.

As of today, my shop Flowerpot Quilts, is open 3 days a week, Tues-Thurs, 10am to 4pm.  If you’re driving past and see the orange flags flying, come in and say hello.

I have also worked out a new class list for the summer, 2nd Saturday each month from September to April. I’ll have the details up soon.


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  1. I love the color of that last cowl scarf – very nice!


  2. Love the cowl … In a different colour. It looks so comfortable. 🙂


  3. Will we see some shop pictures soon?