Drunkards path and flying geese

You may remember some weeks ago I was making a drunkards path quilt .  Here it is again waiting for the border.

All sewn up and waiting for the borders. The very pale pieces (top left) I think will get a splash of paint to balance with the lighter pieces in bottom right corner

I had thought that all those curves and part circles needed something geometric for the border and so decided on flying geese for the border.  As the main blocks were 12″ square, the geese would be 6″ x 3″ making a 6″ border.

Then having a severe seniors moment when it came to cutting the squares, I googled “how to make flying geese” and came up with a method which had very little cut to waste when finished. See a video on youtube here (If the link doesn’t work, google “how to make flying geese” and scroll down to the 2nd video)

I was going to have large red triangles with little green triangles either side.  So here is what I did.

First, cut a 9″ strip of the green fabric and cut into 9″ squares.  Second, cut a 7 1/2″ strip of the red fabric and cut into squares.

Auditioning red on green squares

on the back of the red squares draw a line diagonally corner to corner, and lay the square in the centre of the green squares right sides together.

Stitch a quarter inch both sides of the drawn line, and cut apart on the line.

Stitch a quarter inch either side of the line

Cut apart on the drawn line

Next press seams open and lay one red/green square over the other green square, lining up one corner and the 2 sides next to it.  Because the original squares weren’t equal, the opposite corners won’t match, doesn’t matter.  (This is the only tricky bit, and you only make the mistake once). Now draw another diagonal line through the middle and sew either side of it, and cut on the line.

If you laid the squares wrongly then this is what happens

Oops, that’s not right

So back to square one (pardon the pun), and pin them the right way

Second stitching

And cut apart again

This is how it should look

That’s how it should look

Find the middle line through the new square and cut apart

Find the middle of the square

and cut apart

A good press and trim to the wanted size, in this case 6 1/2″ by 3 1/2″.

trimmed with very little waste

As you can see, there’s very little waste, just little slivers instead of all those tiny triangles you don’t like throwing out, they might be used  in a  miniature some day !

laying out ready to sew

And here it is, ready for the borders to be attached to the middle

Almost finished

I’ll finish sewing the borders on tomorrow, then do the sandwiching.  Maybe I’ll even get time to start the quilting – the big pieces in the blocks will need a bit of thinking to work out a suitable design.


2 responses to “Drunkards path and flying geese

  1. You’ve used 2 of my favourite patchwork patterns! Love the colours too … =D


    • Hi Rita, The middle is just a soft red-green mix, but the border looks positively Christmassy, it is so bright. The quilting will have to put the focus back into the middle.