Spring weather

Yesterday was going to be a busy at home day because I was going to be out all day today.  You know the sort of thing – washing, vacuuming, cooking for the next week, etc, and I had planned to make some marmalade (if I could get hold of a good recipe).

The best laid plans of mice and men ……  You know the story.  Spring winds developed to gale force gusts, up to 100km/hr in some places, so of course, we lost the power about 10.30am.  And it is amazing just how many things we do rely on electricity, even down to the telephone.  So I went out and did my shopping yesterday instead.

No power still at 6pm, and in the middle of preparing to cook on the gas cooker (the camping one), back came the power.  A quick boil the kettle and fill the thermos (just in case we lose power again), put mobiles on their chargers, check the fridge is working, … you know what I mean.

The wind abated overnight thank goodness, and today is lovely and sunny, rain promised later though.

I still have to go out for an appointment later this morning, but so far I have managed to finish the washing and make a batch of tayberry and strawberry jam.  I’ll be making the marmalade when I get home again, trying out a new recipe.  I don’t like marmalade myself (reason I don’t make it often), so this is just for DH as he loves it.

That was the start to Friday 🙂

Update Sunday – I didn’t get around to the marmalade, but I did make some cherry jam for DH and tayberry jam for me.  🙂 🙂

Cherry (left) and Tayberry (right) jam


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