Springtime in the garden

With the Craft Fair at Deloraine only 10 days away, I am spending more time in my studio than usual preparing.  I’ve developed a blister on my right hand from using the iron – I’ve washed and ironed all my scarves, over a hundred but it seems more like several hundred.  They now look lovely and fresh and new again.

But occasionally I’ve taken time to walk around my garden for a few mintes when the sun has come out (rare event tese days), and capture some of the colour in the spring garden.

spring flower garden

lavendar in rock garden

birthday candle bush in bud


wisteria in full bloom

You’ll just have to look at that picture sideways – won’t stay upright !  😦

Red gazania

Mass of red gazania following the sun

daisy bushes growing together

Youngberry vine in bloom

Lots of bluebells

Crab apple in bloom

Echium gone mad

This week is the Royal Hobart Agricultural Show week, when the weather is notorious for being very fickle, and forecasts always say ” some sunshine, a few showers (usually means rain not showers), and light breezes (usually gale force gusty wind).  We’ve started the week with some late winter snow on Mt Wellington, which is usually a good gauge of the what the temperature is going to be.  (It was 5 degrees at 8am).

late snow on Mt Wellington

I can’t wait until we get some decent warm weather, it is nearly summer after all. 🙂


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