Kingston Beach Handmade Market and sun painting art cloth

Deloraine craft fair is over for another year.  It was very successful for me, talked myself hoarse, saw lots of old friends and met new ones, and sold heaps.

No time to slack off when I got home, it was back to the dyeing studio, to replace the scarves I had sold.

Sunday I was off to the new Kingston Beach Handmade Market at Kingston Beach, the beachside suburb of Hobart.  It was the first day of what looks like being a very good market to be held monthly on the second Sunday.  All stallholders have to apply, and are accepted for their individuality and there’s no duplicating of stalls, giving a greater variety for the visitors.  I’m in again for the next market on 9 December, should be good as it’s Christmas shopping time.

This was my stall, just inside the front door of the hall, my back to the wall so I could display my ladies to advantage.

Flowerpot Quilts at Kingston Beach Handmade Market 11 Nov 2012

There was live entertainment on the stage during the day, this is a choir whose wonderful voices could be heard over the crowds in the hall, and caused much chattering to be a lot quieter.

This photo was taken early in the day before the crowds filled up.

Today being nice and sunny, it was time to do some sun-dyeing.  I have a project on the go that requires some sepia coloured fabric similar to what I used i n my Flowerpot Quilt a couple of months ago.  Using some Dy na flow Ecru and Ochre with an odd drop or two of black I managed to produce these pieces.

The first one got rumpled when the wind flipped it before it was properly dry – a definite diagonal change in colour.

Sun painted 1

Then the next ones, better colour coverage.  The freckles are little bumps in the gravel road surface, and add texture which will do for my purpose perfectly.

sun painted 2

sun painted 3

I’ll have more for you in a couple of weeks when there is something to show.  I’ll keep you in suspense a little longer.

Till next time keep on smiling 🙂


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