A walk in the garden

After the hectic lead up to Christmas, and 2 days of not doing much else but eat drink and be merry – always lots of laughter when our family gets together – it was time to relax a little bit.  While the sun was out this morning, I got stuck into weeding my flower garden. Lots of work to do there, I’ll be back at it tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after into the new year 🙂

Let’s take a walk around some of the flowers that are at their best just now.  I remember some years ago, one of my daughters said to me after a shopping trip to the plant nursery “Not another blue flower Mum”.  Now there seems to be very little blue as other colours are taking over.

(The draft and the preview of this post don’t exactly look the same, and the wordpress editor isn’t behaving like it should, so I hope the garden looks ok despite the mixup of the pictures. )

DSCN6638 orange lilies     DSCN6648 mixed dianthus

DSCN6641 pink carnations        DSCN6649 red lily

DSCN6643 hot lips sage     DSCN6651 red roses

DSCN6646 purple penstemon     DSCN6653 red bottlebrush

DSCN6644 white flower native     DSCN6657 mock orange blossom

DSCN6647 yellow rock rose     DSCN6659 french lavendar

DSCN6658 orange pelargonium

DSCN6656 blue flowering grasses


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