New Year’s resolution to reduce the UFO box


May this new year of 2013 bring you all the good things you wish for, good health and happiness.

And may all your new year’s resolutions get easier to keep as the year rolls on 🙂

Last year I promised myself and you my readers that I would post a picture on the first of every month, which I tried hard to keep, and was a bit late on only a couple of occasions.

This year, I am going to lower the level in my UFO*  box.  I have made a start today by pinning one quilt on my design wall to await inspiration.

crazy log cabin - supposed to look like a tunnel, but it didn't quite make it

crazy log cabin – supposed to look like a tunnel, but it didn’t quite make it

It is hanging next to the last two japanese panels waiting to be quilted.

Japanese panels waiting to be quilted

Japanese panels waiting to be quilted

I have started by printing several copies of the logcabin picture and drawn lines on each to see what I will do with it.

I intend to cut it up and rearrange the pieces, so doing it with a paper copy first is a must for me, as I always change my mind after starting any project – just like this quilt.

It would be at least 15 years since I made it, around the same time I made the quilt which is the background to this blog.  The design was sort of similar but on a larger scale, and about that time, we moved house and I went back to work full time.  When I looked at it again, I am definitely over the idea and design I had drawn up,  so now we’ll see what I come up with this time.

I’ll keep you posted on progress. 🙂

* UFO = Un-Finished-Object = Work-in-Progress


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