Art quilt and the bushfires

In my last post, I mentioned about finishing my log cabin tunnel quilt. The next day , driven inside to escape the heat, I played around with computer printouts of the quilt and a piece of dark blue paper.

First I made vertical straight cuts

Vertical straight cuts

Then vertical curved cuts

DSCN6763 vertical curve cutoutAnd Horizontal curved cuts

DSCN6766 horizontal curve cutout

I made my decision and proceeded to cut the fabric, and laid it out on the carpet, too late now to change my mind about cutting up this quilt 🙂

DSCN6784 cut fabric laid out on carpet

and then on the dark blue background fabric to see how it was going to look –

DSCN6785 fabric laid on dark blue background

Yes, I do like it. Then I machine basted the strips onto the background

DSCN6789 machine basted strips

and then I found that I didn’t have enough of the right colour blue thread for the applique. It was several days before I had the chance to go shopping.

The heat wave we were experiencing turned into the disastrous fire storm over the Tasman Peninsula which resulted in catastrophic destruction of several towns and villages, and completely cut off several other townships, and many residents had to be evacuated by boat and ferried to Hobart.  There were several other bushfires all around Tasmania also,  all hard to get under control because of the hot dry winds and high temperatures we were having.  Touch wood, (hand on head ), our area south of Hobart we have not had any fires, but the bushland and grass paddocks which were quite green only a couple of weeks ago, are now quite dry and would be quite combustible and ready to burn.  We are praying for rain, but there doesn’t seem to be any on the horizon for a while yet.

I am finding it very difficult to write any more about what is and has happened in the last week, we are re-living what we went through 45 years ago, here in the Channel area.  I took to the water with my 6 month old baby to escape and emerged 3 hours later to discover two of the three  houses on the farm were gone, so I really understand what those people are going through today.


2 responses to “Art quilt and the bushfires

  1. I love how the quilt looks. You made the right decision in cutting it up but doing that can be scary, can’t it? I hope the heat and fires let up soon and you get much needed rain.


  2. I have wanted to cut it up for several years, but couldn’t decide how. Now it’s done and I quite like the result.