Sunday at Margate

Twas a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a drive 20 or so km up the road to Margate, and join the locals at Dru Park, right on the water’s edge.
It is a popular launching spot for weekend fishermen

DSCN6834 Margate1

and a great place for a family fun day.  Mt Wellington looks so close here, and even the crow on the garden seat is enjoying the sun.

DSCN6836 Margate2

This is what you see as you walk from the car park towards the kiosk and playgrounds.

DSCN6839 Margate3

A wonderful playground to suit all ages and abilities.

DSCN6841 Margate4

and where children can learn the road rules safely

DSCN6842 Margate5

especially operating traffic lights.  This little boy got a bit frustrated, every time the light turned green, it had changed to orange by the time he was back on his bike. DSCN6844 Margate6Eventually his dad helped him out.

And these boys were oblivious of the birds waiting for their lunch.

DSCN6845 Margate7

While we licked our ice creams we wandered around to the fishing wharf to see what boats were tied up.  This cray boat by the shore made a nice photo shot.

DSCN6850 Margate8


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