Middleton Country Fair tomorrow

Well, it’s February already and as always on the first Saturday in February, it’s Middleton Country Fair time again.
Along with lots of stalls, – yes, I’ll be there with my scarves and fabrics etc – demonstrations, animals, music and all the other attractions to be found at a country fair, the judging of the annual Scarecrow Competition will be announced.
I took a drive along the highway this afternoon after the rain had finished to have a look and take a few photos. I didn’t get all of them as it wasn’t always possible to park in the middle of the road long enough to get out, run across and take a photo without causing a problem with the traffic 🙂

DSCN6919 Scarecrow 1



DSCN6923 Scarecrow 4



DSCN6928 Scarecrow 7

DSCN6929 Scarecrow 8

DSCN6931 Scarecrow 9

DSCN6932 Scarecrow 10

DSCN6934 Scarecrow 11

DSCN6935 Scarecrow 12

DSCN6936 Scarecrow 13

Which one would you choose to give a prize to?

Wish me luck for tomorrow, and a lovely sunny day ALL day, the last couple of days have been anything but summery.

If you visit the fair, come and say hello, I’ll be next to Marcato Designs.


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