Lots of dyeing – scarves and art cloth

It’s always a fun day when I’m dyeing silk scarves.  Mixing colours and techniques makes for some surprising results.  This picture shows some of he colours.

The “spotty” scarves – silk organza with cotton bobbles woven – react differently to different dyes.  The pale blue one was dyed using Landscape dye in the microwave – the silk came out a beautiful colour blue with the cotton staying white, and the orange/green one and the deep burgundy/purple one were dyed with procion dyes, and the cotton bobbles accepted the dye in varying degrees depending on the strength of the dye I was applying.  They look very interesting when actually being worn.


The stripey scarves are silk with rayon ribbon woven in the check design.  They reacted similarly, in that the green one was dyed in the microwave and the rayon didn’t accept the dye very readily, but the red one (moroccan red/aubergine mix) was dyed with procion and the rayon is a very rich colour.

A couple of days later, I had to do some more dyeing (my excuse was to use up the dyes while they were still good, with the weather as warm as it was!) – this time lots of fabric.

???????????????????????????????Here it is drying after soaking in soda ash for a couple of hours.

My plan was to dye large pieces with two or three colours and see how they mixed together on the fabric.

I mixed up a fresh lot of lichen procion and poured some onto the first piece of fabric, and watched it separate as it touched the fabric – there was such a variety of colour changes I decided not to add anything to this one.  The rinsed out fabric is green, from yellow mustard through grass to lime – a really beautiful piece, and I forgot to take a photo, but you can see some of the variations on the batching fabric here.


Then it was three colours on each fabric.  Here they are nicely dried while batching in the sun

what looks blue is really much greener, a deep teal green, and the purple is very purple. My camera makes everything very blue if there is any blue in the colour at all.

Here are the rinsed and ironed fabrics.  The colours used were lichen, golden yellow, aubergine, navy, teal green, primary red and moroccan red, in different combinations on each piece.

You can see I had lots of fun with this lot.  Next thing is to get them ready for sale, at $30/metre, either a cut metre or the whole piece which is approx 3m for $90.  I’m just an email away if you are interested.  The full length pieces would make excellent basis for art cloth manipulations.

Till next time, keep smiling.  🙂


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