End of summer

It’s that time of the year again when most days starts like this



heralding lovely sunny days, and the hint of chill in the air by evening.

We have had a very dry summer, and have had to keep up the water to the garden for it to survive.

Despite that, some plants have had prolific flowering such as this birthday candle bush, not much more than knee high –birthday candle bush????

Then there is this new one, is it a tiger apple tree or a crab lily?

The tiger lily has hardly ever flowered or grown particularly well, until this summer.  Now, almost 2 metres tall, the flowers have become entangled with the lower branches of the old crab apple tree, and for a couple of weeks looked spectacular.

And here’s today’s fun picture –

Why is it there?

Keep smiling. 🙂


2 responses to “End of summer

  1. Myrna McHugh

    Can’t resist to make a comment. Adore the ‘tiger lily’. Love that chair in the middle of the paddock. Cheers! Myrna