First of April

Yesterday was the first of April, and not being at home to see any children, the day of joke making was completely forgotten.  That is, until emails were checked last night ….

First there was this one from The Quilt Show – such a wonderful invention, why had I not heard of it before this?  Ha! I’d been got.

Then this morning, the monthly news from Dharma Trading arrived … I checked the date before I clicked … no, not got on this one, but I thought it worth sharing.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you a link, but this bit of blurb sets the scene for you doesn’t it?

” We’re moving into and beyond the 21st century with an entirely computerized customer interface, from order taking, to answering your fiber arts questions. No more pesky humans on the phone, just a few beep-boop-beeps and you are on your way. This way there’s never a chance for error in your Dharma experience. All buttons, no humans!  “

And lots more.

But I know you’ll enjoy The Quilt Show anyway.


One response to “First of April

  1. Oh, that is too funny, the stitch eraser.. Good one 🙂